Fill-Up & Circulation Tool

Fill-Tek (2374 kb )

The Fill-Tek™ casing fill-up and circulating system saves time while enhancing rig safety and well control during drilling operations. By allowing the operator to fill up and circulate while running casing, the Fill-Tek™ tool system ensures you can continue to use the rig pumps and top drive while running or pulling each joint of casing.

Fill-Tek™ is equipped with a super compact MudSaver valve (patent pending) to prevent mud from escaping when Fill-Tek™ is removed from the casing.

Featured Advantages

Cup Type Seal

Provides a high pressure passive, reliable seal.

Polyurethane Guide Rings

Prevents damage to casing threads and cup type seals when the Circulator and Mudsaver are inserted into the casing.

Flex-Tek™ Hose

The Flex-Tek™ hose has a special tough coating that prevents damage to the hose body while maintaining its flexibility.

Flex-Tek™ Hose Adaptor

Provides for rapid connection or disconnection of flex hose and Mudsaver.

Mudsaver Valve (patent pending)

Prevents surging the well while providing high flow rate capacity and no pressure drop.

Super compact Mudsaver valve, designed for regular fill-up & circulation tools and CRT Tools.