Wireless Torque Sub

Sub-Tek (1302 kb )

The Sub-Tek™ wireless torque sub communicates rotational torque for make-up or break-out, RPM and hook loads (tension & compression) directly to the Torq-Tek system. With Sub-Tek™ there are no external attachments, everything is internally sensed by the Sub-Tek electronics. Extremely small, and yet immensely versatile, it is equally at home running all types of tubulars or drill-pipe.

The Sub-Tek™ receiver simply plugs into a USB port to give real-time output of torque, turns & hook load, it is equipped with proprietary SigNal™ lock technology that locks the signal from the wireless torque sub directly to the receiver and blocks or ignores any other signals.

With Sub-Tek™ you simply Install, SigNal™ lock and run.



Torque Capacity 50,000 ft/lb and 100,000 ft/lb rotational in both directions
Tension & Compression Capacity 1,000,000 lb capacity tension & compression
Certifications Ex II 1G Ex Ia T4 Ga, marked, CSA/UL/ATEX/IECEx
Torque, Hook Load (tension & compression) Accuracy 0.5% of Full Scale Capacity
Design Criteria API 8C on the Sub-Tek body and API 7 on the treaded ends
Length 22”, 32” & 42” (others by request)
Weight 272lbs to 375lbs