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2M-Tek Top-Tek

Tubular Running System

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If companies are to survive & prosper in tough times. they must find new ways of operating while improving safety and reducing personnel. The Top-Tek tubular running system can do that and more. It has the ability to rotate and reciprocate the tubular string, make and break connections and lift and lower tubulars into the wellbore. It's a casing crew "In a Box," where personnel are truely hands-free. Tubulars are delivered to the edge of the V-Door, and from that point forward, personnel involvement is only to remove the thread protector. The Top-Tek System completely removes the need for:


Capacity or Range

Load Rating 250 Ton to 750 Ton
Torque 50,000 to 100,000 ft/lbs (varies by tool size)
Range 4 1/2” to 42” (larger sizes on request)
RPM 120 RPM Continuous
Design Standard API 8C
TD Connection 4 1/2” or 6 5/8” HT-DS Connection
Length & Weight Length: 11’ 9” (with FSV valve installed)
Weight: 6485Lbs - 5590Kgs