Torque Turn System

Torq-Tek (1175 kb )

When using electrical equipment on a rig-floor, safety and liability are two major concerns. For some people, a laptop in an enclosure is considered "ruggedized," for others, they add an air-line and call it rig-safe. Trouble is, neither offers an acceptable level of protection to the people who operate the system or the integrity of a rig or platform.

Torq-Tek is the only commercially available Zone 1 (ATEX) certified, non-purged state-of-the-art OCTG analysis system and all accessories that are certified for Zone I rig-floor operations.

Torq-Tek reduces the potential cost of possible remedial steps by making sure the correct torque is applied, and that faulty connections are immediately detected. Each make-up is viewed in real-time color graphics as it takes place. Coupled with the ability to analyze, control and record the make-up of premium and API tubular connections Torq-Tek displays the information in color graphics, making system operation very user friendly.

Torq-Tek's software is the most advanced available today, offering in addition to Torque Turn: Delta Torque & Turns, VAM Shoulder Slope detection, API, Premium and API Plus for DWC applications